Split Items

Split Items!

 If you are interested in splitting items that have already been entered by another member you can:

  • Log into UNFI using your member account
  • Click on the “Order” tab at the top
  • Under My Order Cart you will see a pull-down menu for Users
  • Select “All Users” then click the orange “Filter” button next to it

You will now be able to select the quantity of the item you are interested in and add it to your own cart. If you would like to split an item not listed:

  • Enter the item #
  • Click the “Split” button
  • Type desired quantity if item
  • Use the “More” column to indicate how much more you are willing to purchase in case the total required quantity is not met by others

If the bulk quantity is met by others ordering (or by the indicated “More” column) then the item will ship. If the bulk quantity is NOT met then the item will be DELETED from the order. Please email us with any questions.